RUSAL and ENERGOPROM Entered Into a Long-Term Anode Block Supply Contract

Moscow, February 28, 2018 – UC RUSAL (Hong Kong Stock Exchange ticker 486, Euronext RUSAL/RUAL, Moscow Exchange RUAL), one of the largest global aluminum manufacturers, and ENERGOPROM Group, Russia's leader in graphitized carbon products, entered into a five-year supply contract for 232 thousand tons of anode blocks.

Products will be shipped from Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant. The companies have cooperated under one-year contracts since 2016, however, this is the first time to enter a five-year supply contract. Anode blocks are used in electrolysers as a current-conducting element. The use of annealed anodes in aluminum production allows decreasing the power consumption and excluding emissions of coking gases.

"The energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of production are in the core of competitiveness and a priority growth area for the global aluminum industry. The expansion of cooperation with ENERGOPROM Group represents further implementation of the strategy ensuring RUSAL's raw-material security in the long run, in particular, due to the opportunities of the Russian market," noted Vladislav Solovyov, RUSAL's General Director. 

"In terms of volumes, this is the largest supply of anode blocks for a Russian aluminum manufacturer during all times of the anode factory's existence in the Chelyabinsk Electrode Plant. In the nearest years, the production utilization will foster higher product quality and development of favorable socioeconomic conditions for the Chelyabinsk Region," noted Viktor Nechuyatov, the General Director of ENERGOPROM Group.