ENERGOPROM Group and SOLVER signed an agreement for construction of the Nipple Center at Novocherkassk Electrode Plant

Moscow, March 30, 2018 – ENERGOPROM Group and the engineering and consulting company SOLVER have signed an agreement for construction of the Nipple Center at the Novocherkassk Electrode Plant (part of ENERGOPROM).

The agreement was signed by Evgeny Chaplinsky, Director of the company, which is part of the SOLVER Group, and Viktor Nechuyatov, CEO of ENERGOPROM Group. The project will be implemented on the terms of an EPC contract “on a turnkey basis”, where SOLVER will acquire and install equipment and will perform commissioning of the Nipple processing center. The project is planned for completion in May 2019.

The modern robotic Nipple Center will make it possible to increase the reliability of the electrode connection by improving the nipples, perform mechanical processing of the electrodes at a higher level, and increase the accuracy of the geometrical sizes of the nipples 5 fold up to 0.02 mm.

The robotic complex will include equipment from global brands, including ROMI machines and KUKA robotic manipulators, the latter being used for high-precision operations by international companies such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Boeing, Siemens, and many others. 

“The choice of equipment for the Nipple Center is based on the processing features of such materials as graphite. This requires a special set of machines with protection of control systems against graphite dust, and few companies in the market have experience in producing similar equipment. The complex itself is designed to produce not only the existing line of nipples, but also large cross sections of graphite electrodes that are promising for the company. The construction of the Nipple Center is one of the company’s main investment activities for expanding the production of graphite electrodes,” said Victor Nechuyatov, CEO of ENERGOPROM Group.

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