The educational center

The Group’s own R&D Centre (ENERGOPROM group R&D Centre) was established in 2013. The center is designed to develop groundbreaking new products, technologies and state- of-the-art solutions, as well as improve the performance of existing carbon and graphite materials, and effectively bring these innovations to the market through industrial platforms of the company. Furthermore, one of the main challenges of the center is to establish partner network with companies specializing in research and development of new technologies and products in this area.

ENERGOPROM group R&D Center is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, the cluster of nuclear technologies. The center brings together Russian and foreign scientists from around the world, as well as promising young researchers, students and graduates. The work of R&D Center is based on the principle of “open innovations”, that ensures the promotion of international cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of high technologies.


  • development of technology for production of isostatic graphite
  • development of technology for production of anode material on the basis o artificial graphite for lithium and ion batteries
  • development of technology for production of new generation carbon strips for electric transport
  • CVD-coatings based on silicon carbide for graphite products
  • Professional technical assessment and preparation of investment projects for companies of the ENERGOPROM group; any proposals may be submitted through our feedback section.